There is not a lot of hype on our site. Our videos and testimonials speak for themselves and accurately represent our performance. What you see on our videos is what you get. No overdubs, lip syncs, or staged performances in a studio. All of it is live with the sound directly off the mixing board.

Other bands with $40K worth of lights, staging, a box truck, two roadies, and 15 people on stage, out of necessity charge accordingly. We have a sound system suitable for a large outdoor venue, modest lighting, myself and one roadie/sound tech. Because of that, I am able to charge accordingly.

And regarding pricing, for most events the band goes from $1200 to $5000 depending on the number of musicians. If you have a special requirement or would like 12 people on stage, I can and have done that. It's just not where I start when it comes to booking an event.

I often tell potential clients we play for free, but I have to charge for the setup, teardown, equipment, and travel. We love perform and it shows.